The Al-Karam International symbolises our philosophy about people and business which we have developed for over 70 years. By putting the credo into action, we now prepare for the next thousand years to come.

At Al-Karam, we are continuously addressing challenges; we have a great pipeline of emerging leaders that shape and will shape of how our organisation functions. We have consistently delivered world-beating projects that make larger competitors admire us, and at the same time, our own people believe that their organization is among the best places to work. With these successes to guide us, we have a reasonable view of what sort of future we want to create.

The future of our company is closely tied with both domestic and world economy; and we have prepared our leaders similarly to thrive in chaos and turn chaos in results. Sailing forward, you will see the way we influence and organize ourselves to grow and sustain for the years to come.

We stand strong on our know-how and performance data accumulated over the many years and are striding forward with a will for innovations and restructing to be a leading company in all our business fields. Al-Karam will continue to strive towards excellence with considerations on outlook on the future of industry, the environment and lifestyles.

Haji Mohammad Amir, Founder, was instrumental in making Al-Karam what it is today. We thank him for his many contributions and the way he has steered us with his expertise and wisdom over the years.

Chairman and Executive Director of the Al-Karam International
Muhammad Farooq Amir